Wound Clot Surgical is designed for internal applications in several aspects:

  • It is Bio-Absorbable and if needed could be left in the wound to degrade safely.
  • If needed the remaining gel could easily be taken out without pulling on tissue or vessels by simply rinsing it with water or saline.
  • the platelets adhered to the intermolecular forces are released and water molecules replace them and to separate the gel from the tissue. it can easily be wiped away from the wound.

Applying pressure onto the wound is not needed nor recommended to stop bleeding. Gently place the gauze over the wound, make sure the gauze is soaked with blood, then gently place it on the wound. the gel will adhere to the wound and stop the bleeding as it breaks down.

Wound Clot is designed to form into any shape. it can be formed prior to application by folding, rolling or any other form, and applied onto the wound.