NON-OXIDIZED HEMOSTAT: General Oxidized products are manufactured utilizing obsolete method that breaks down cellulose by oxidization, greatly decreasing products ability to absorb, adhere to wound surfaces and create a conducive environment to achieve hemostasis. Tend to break down very fast and are gone within 15 min. Non-Oxidized stays in place much longer, breaks down slower, stops bleeding and absorbs blood for longer time for 24 hours.(Fibers are added in the product to make it stronger and let it absorb more blood).

NON-COMPRESSION BASED TECHNOLOGY: Addresses the problem in particular of noncompressible hemorrhage from the junctional regions, which remains the leading cause of preventable death on the battlefield. (Bleeding can be stopped in areas like neck, head, and other junctional parts of the body.)

INCREASES CAPACITY OF EACH MEDIC to handle multiple patients at one time. There are limited number of hands available to treat the potentially large number of victims requiring care. Adheres to the wound and is not dislodged by patients movement.

ISRAELI TECHNOLOGY in use by Hospitals in around the world (USA, Italy, Australia, Vietnam, UK and many other places), Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli Police.

STOPS ARTERIAL & VENOUS BLEEDING: In arterial bleeding, the blood pumps or spurts from the wound with each heartbeat. In major venous bleeding, the blood just runs out of the wound at a steady rate.

EASE OF USE & NO REBLEEDING: No technical knowledge or experience required to use it.

MECHANISM: Unlike other hemostat using just single mechanism of attracting negatively charged RBC with positively charged active ingredient, Wound Clot uses multiple mechanism including Rapid fluid absorption, adherence and aggregation of platelets, RBC's and clotting factors (Factor XI AND XII)

ONE STOP SOLUTION FOR MULTIPLE TYPES OF WOUNDS: Has wide array of clinical applications, both traumatic & surgical.