Woundclot Dental

WoundClot fits to almost any type of cavity, and needs almost no compression in its application method making it fit for many applications such as:

  • Stabilizing blood clot formation to hasten hemostasis.
  • Routine extractions
  • Surgical extractions
  • The removal of impacted teeth
  • Prevents of dry sockets (optional tetracycline or doxy cycline added)
  • For pre-prosthetic dental surgery
  • Useful in peri-radicular surgery (apicoectomies)
  • For sinus perforations occurring during extractions
  • To cover sinus perforations during sinus lifts
  • To cover bone graft material before closure with lateral window sinus graft procedures
  • In sockets during buccal advancement or palatal pedicle sinus closure procedures
  • Combined with dry socket paste for treatment of dry sockets for a longer-lasting effect
  • Can be used on surface wounds with the addiction of medicalgrade cyanoacrylate